Greg and Kate's Bike Trips

France in 2001 -- Toulouse to Nîmes
France in 2002 -- Marseille and Provence
France in 2003 -- Cycling the Auvergne, Dordogne and Lot
France in 2005 -- Lyons, Chamonix and the St. Bernard Pass
Italy in 2006 -- Rome to Florence
Italy in 2007 -- Venice to Milan via the Stelvio
France and Spain in 2008 -- the Pyrenees to Barcelona
Machu Picchu in 2009 -- Walking the Inca Trail
France in 2010 -- Biking some high alpine passes
Spain in 2011 -- Andalusia and Gibraltar
Italy in 2012 -- Rome South to South of Naples
France in 2013 -- Lyon to Nice over the Cime de la Bonnette
Spain and France in 2014 -- Bilbao to Perpignan along the Pyrenees
Turkey in 2015 -- Not a bike trip -- Tourism
Venice to Vienna by bike in 2015
Lyons (St. Exupery) to Turin in 2018
Venice to Rome in 2022

Greg Shannan
Kate Allen